Recruitment for driving

Being one of the UK’s premier recruiters for HGV drivers, we strive to find you the right candidates. Being a member of Logistics UK and REC, WPRG exceed all expectations in providing all classes. We can find you both permanent and temporary drivers that help to move you forward.

It's about getting the basics right first time

Starting from the ground up, our interviewing and pre-screening highlights emphasis on safety within the driving industry. WPRG’s driving division operates autonomously, ensuring specialized attention from your recruitment consultants dedicated solely to this field. Our meticulous recruitment, management, and screening processes prioritize compliance and safety, guaranteeing the well-being of HGV drivers and others on both UK and European roads.
"If its wasn't for WPRG, we would have lost a major contract"

Helping to drive your logistics when you need us

Based in London and covering the whole of the UK, our 20 years plus of experience means we are trusted by some of the UK’s major brands to make sure they deliver on time. If you are looking for immediate cover, or would like to to discuss future recruitment opportunities, we are available 24/7 365, with one of the largest databases of temp and permanent staff in the UK just put WPRG to the test.

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